2022 Peace Message

Eight hundred and eighty years ago, Uruma Tokikuni, Honen Shonin’s father, was under nightly attack by his enemy Guennai Musya Akashi Sadaakira. In the moments before Tokikuni’s death, he forbade his son from seeking revenge against the enemy.

These final words from his father were the motivation for Honen Shonin to begin following the Buddhist path. This led him to practice and spread the doctrine of exclusively reciting Nembutsu, which saves everyone indiscriminately. Honen went on to found the Jodo Shu tradition.

Many centuries later, on August 6th and 9th, 1945, Japan became the only country in the history of the world to be attacked with atomic bombs. We quickly realized the stupidity and misery of war. We, the people of Nembutsu, hope to achieve peace in the world. From the Sutra of the Buddha of Immeasurable Life, for good the good of all, with Nembusu in our hearts, we must adhere to the pacifist teaching that "armies and weapons should never be used." We must make an effort to walk the path of peace with Nembutsu.

We pray with veneration and sincerity the light of Amida Buddha will illuminate and promote global unity, without any distinction of enemies and allies. May all the people especially the Ukrainian people under attack by Russian aggressors be safe and may no one ever have to experience the terror and suffering of wars around the world. May all conflicts end peacefully and immediately without more hatred and violence.

Also, as we continue to endure the COVID-19 pandemic we pray for those who have died from the virus. We hope for the rapid recovery of all who are ill, wish for consolation to the families of those lost and infected,  and pray for the immediate cessation of this pandemic.

Be well!

On March 5, 2022, 
 All participants of C.N.I. (Chanting Nembutsu Internationally).